2-in-1 Water Softener & Filtration

Vortech® is the world’s most innovative and efficient water treatment systems in filtration and water softening applications. The design removes more contaminants in less time while using less water. The self-cleaning nozzle prevents the build-up of iron and other contaminants, making your system last a long time.


  • Universal distributor for use in filtration and softening applications.
  • Spin-welded plate to inner bottom dome, designed to handle over 6500 lbs. of force and differential pressure.
  • Permanent attachment of dip tube to distributor, so when servicing a valve, distributor stays in place.
  • Increase in softening and filtration capacity, due to improved flow through media.
  • More than 30% reduction in required backwash times and flow rates compared to standard systems, due to improved bed lift at lower flow rates.
  • Elimination of gravel, saving on overall cost and unit weight, for shipping.
  • Most efficient softening regeneration, reducing annual consumption of salt.
  • Up to 40% less pressure drop thru the system, improving system flow characteristics and design.

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