Bottleless Water Coolers

Give Your Office The Gift Of Pure Water

Is the water you provide your employees safe? About 1 in 5 tap water sources have contaminates that are harmful to humans.

Even if you have an office water dispenser, the water may still have invisible impurities. That’s because not all water purification dispensers are created equal.

At Texas Sweetwater, our dispensers purify your drinking water with a 100% natural membrane. So you can be sure you and your team are drinking safe, naturally purified, refreshing water every day.

Your water dispenser connects directly to your tap, so you never have to run out, refill it, or wait for water deliveries.

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Why Get A Bottless Office Water Cooler?

  • Eco-Friendly

    No more wasting plastic water bottles.

  • Affordable

    Our bottleless water coolers are very affordable.

  • Safe

    Naturally purified, delicious drinking water.

  • Hot & Cold Options

    Enjoy a cold refresher or calming hot tea.

  • Save Space

    No more bulky stacks of water cases or jugs.

  • Never Run Out

    Connects to your tap water, so you never run out.

We Also Offer 5-Gallon Water Delivery

Looking for water delivery service for your office? We offer that too. Give us a call, and we can schedule your dispenser installation today.

Get Clean Water