Get Clean, Purified Water On-Repeat

Is your tap water safe?

Roughly 1 in 5 tap water sources are found to have impurities that are harmful to humans. Get peace of mind about the water your drink with purified, safe, and refreshing water delivery in Tyler, TX. We deliver 5 gallon jugs to your home or office whenever you need it.


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We’ll refill your water dispenser on your schedule. Your 5-gallon jug will be replaced with a new one. We’ll take your old jugs, sanitize them, and refill them, so there’s no waste. It’s just a small way to help take care of our environment. Plus it’s affordable and convenient.

Get Water Delivery

Why Water Delivery?

  • Eco-Friendly

    No more wasting plastic water bottles.

  • Affordable

    5-gallon delivery starts at just $7.50.

  • Safe

    Naturally purified, delicious drinking water.

  • Easy Delivery

    No more trips to the store to buy water bottles.

  • Hot & Cold Options

    Enjoy a cold refresher or calming hot tea.

  • Flex Schedule

    Get your water delivered on your schedule.