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Stinking Water

Cause: Chlorine in water

Chlorinated water stinks, tastes bad, and may cause health problems.
Bad taste & odor are often caused by chlorine, by-products of chlorination, or decaying organic material. Filters to remove bad taste and musty odor address the presence of:

• Chlorine
• Chloramine
• Trihalomethanes (THM)
• Hydrogen sulfide
• Iron
• Bacteria & Viruses

When’s the last time you had your water tested?

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Brown Water

Cause: Iron staining, metallic taste

Iron in water can stain fixtures and laundry.

Red staining of porcelain fixtures, reddish laundry stains, metallic taste in water, and reduced water pressure due to buildup in pipes, are all indicators of excessive iron levels in water.

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Corroding Pipes

Cause: Corrosive Water

Low pH (acidic water) puts your family at risk.

Corrosive water can cause pinholes in copper pipes and can release metals present in plumbing materials, such as lead, into your drinking water.

Metal plumbing is more likely to corrode if the water has a low pH or high alkalinity.

Raise the pH of acidic water to neutralize corrosiveness and protect fixtures, pipes, and appliances.

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Itchy Skin

Cause: Hard water

Hard water damages your skin, hair, and laundry.

Hard water (dissolved calcium & magnesium) is a common problem for many homeowners and businesses. When hardness minerals are combined with heat, a troublesome scale is formed. Scale causes costly build-up in your plumbing, water heater, and other water using appliances. When combined with soap, the minerals form soap curd or scum that makes skin dry and itchy, hair lifeless, laundry dull, and builds up on fixtures.

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Dirty Water

Cause: Silt in water

Dirty water puts your plumbing and health at risk.

Suspended silt and other particulates can result in cloudy or discolored water.

The particles in your water leave stains in your toilet, sink, and clothing. Some particles also pose a health risk.

A combination of filters can remove the various contaminants resulting in clear, fresh, great tasting water.

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Other Problems

Is your water safe?

When’s the last time you got your water tested?

If you have any concerns about your water, you should schedule a free water analysis.

Our techs will test your water in our mobile testing lab and let you know whether your water poses any health risks to you or your family.

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Schedule Your Free Water Test

Get A Detailed Water Analysis In Minutes

Is your water safe? Schedule a free at-home water analysis to find out. Get your water analyzed in our mobile testing lab and receive a lab report in minutes.

We’ll explain the results and give you a customized water purification plan to solve your water problems. We have a solution for every budget.

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Your Clean Water Plan

Schedule Water Analysis

Test your water in our mobile lab and get results in minutes.

Get A Clean Water Plan

We recommend a purification system based on your test results.

Trust Your Water Again

We’ll install your new system within 1-3 weeks.

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5-Gallon Water Delivery in Tyler, TX

Refreshing Water Delivered Weekly

Texas Sweetwater delivers 5-gallon bottles of crystal clear water to your home or business, and collects the empty jugs. We also sell water dispensers. Choose from Hot & Cold Dispensers, or Room Temp & Cold Dispensers.

We think Texas Sweetwater is the best tasting bottled water around. That’s because our purifying process removes impurities and chemicals, leaving only pure, clean water. But our secret to freshness is a boost of oxygen! Taste it for yourself – you’ll notice the difference.

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Naturally Purified Texas Sweetwater

The Science of Cleaner Water

At Texas Sweetwater, we use a three step process to clean and purify your water.

Our water purification procedure includes deionization, triple carbon filtering, and reverse osmosis. These natural purification methods remove harmful ions, chemicals, and particles that threaten your family and home.

Texas Sweetwater uses UV Disinfection and also uses ozonation, which destroys waterborne organisms in your water. Ozonation is USDA approved and has been used for over 100 years in drinking water plants. It also removes bad odors, taste, and chemical disinfectants in the water.

Finally, we give our water a boost of oxygen. This step improves the fresh taste of Texas Sweetwater even further. You will notice the difference.

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East Texans Love Us

“Now our home is 9.0 alkaline.”
By far the best tasting and cleanest water you can get to your door. Fantastic customer service. We got them to install a whole home filtration system. Now our entire home is 9.0 alkaline.

“The only water I trust…”
Texas Sweetwater is the only water I trust for everything. My coffee, tea, cooking, and just a simple glass of the most naturally purified water I have ever drank. There's no harmful chemicals or additives that create the purity and subtle sweet taste.

“I immediately noticed the difference in taste…”
I just bought a home in Daingerfield and have well water heavy in iron and sediment. Rocky came out and tested the water and told me exactly what I needed; and didn’t need. I immediately noticed the difference in taste and smell. The price was way under what I budgeted and actually less than originally quoted.

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