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Our various filters come with different functionalities, to address your particular water issue.

Types of Filters

• Manganese Greensand Plus Filters – Iron, manganese, and sulfur are oxidized into solids and trapped in the filter bed where they get flushed to the drain

• Birm Filters – Remove soluble or precipitated iron without the use of expensive or messy chemicals

• Taste & Odor Filters – Remove bad tastes and odors caused by chlorine and organics.

• Neutralizing Filters – Raise the pH of acidic water to neutralize corrosiveness and protect fixtures, pipes, and appliances.

• Multi-Media Filters – Eliminate suspended sand and silt that makes water cloudy.

• Nexsand Turbidity Filters – Remove suspended solids, ferric hydroxide (red water iron) or sediment from your well or water system down to 5 microns. Nexsand has proven extremely effective and will provide double the service flow of Multi-Media or Sand Filters.

• Chloramines Removal Filter – This two tank system uses special catalytically enhanced carbon and provides improved bed depth and contact time for more effective reduction of chloramines

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